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Key reasons you need to call?

  • If you have a pest problem such as spiders, cockroaches, ants.
  • If you have dead or dying rats or mice (rodents) in your roof
  • If you see rats running along your fences
  • If you are buying a home to check for termite activity
  • If you are building a home to pre treat and prevent future termites
  • General pest sprays
  • If you haven’t done a termite inspection in years.
  • Occasional problems like wasps, bees, possums in the wrong location.
  • End of Lease Flea Treatments
  • All pests, all areas, all hours.

We provide pest services across the entire Hornsby council areas including Hornsby.

As well as German Cockroaches Pest Problems we can assist with

  1. Ant Pest Control Hornsby
  2. Bed Bugs Pest Control Hornsby
  3. Bees Pest Control Hornsby
  4. Birds Problems Pest Control Hornsby
  5. Carpet Beatles Pest Control Hornsby
  6. Cockroach Pest Control Hornsby
  7. Cockroaches Pest Control Hornsby
  8. German Cockroaches Pest Control Hornsby
  9. Fleas Pest Control Hornsby
  10. End of Lease Pest Control Hornsby
  11. Mosquitos Pest Control Hornsby
  12. Possum Pest Control Hornsby
  13. Rodents Pest Control Hornsby
  14. Rats Pest Control Hornsby
  15. Vermin Pest Control Hornsby
  16. Silverfish Pest Control Hornsby
  17. Spider Pest Control Hornsby
  18. Termite Pest Control Hornsby
  19. White Ant Pest Control Hornsby
  20. Wasp Pest Control Hornsby
  21. General Pest Control Hornsby

A suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, located in the Upper North Shore area, Hornsby is 23 kilometres (14 miles) north-west of the city’s central business district. The convict-turned-policeman Samuel Henry Horne, who assisted in the capture of bushrangers Dalton and MacNamara on June 22, 1830, is the source of the name Hornsby. He received land in exchange, which he named Hornsby Place. The business hub of Hornsby is still active today, just as it was a century ago. On either side of the railway line, the town centre has evolved through time into different features.

We provide general pest control services across all Sydney suburbs including spraying, baiting, and trapping for Hornsby homes, restaurants, businesses, and commercial premises.   If your postcode is 2077 then call us. If you are the suburb next door, we provide prompt pest control all across Sydney.

If you are buying in Hornsby then call us for comprehensive pre purchase pest inspection to check for termites, also called white ants and you can call for other pest issues too.


Fast, Friendly,Good Communication, Well Priced, are all terms used to describe our Hornsby pest control service

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RECENT REVIEWS FROM HI PAGES David B from West Pennant Hills, NSW 8 Apr 2022 Eddie inspected the whole house and land and gave advice as he progressed. He was honest and straightforward and gave the house a clean bill of health with no termite activity. Excellent Service. Kim from Oran Park, NSW

5 Apr 2022

Eddie did our end of lease flea spray. Excellent service, communicated well on the date to come out, came on time, did a great job and good price too.

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Hornsby Businesses We Support?

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German Cockroaches or other pest removal needs. Don’t forget that we also conduct Sydney wide termite inspections, barrier treatments, general pest inspections and pre purchase inspections when purchasing a new home in Hornsby.

Pest Control Hornsby: Services Include


Termites can cause major structural and economic damage to homes and commercial buildings by eating the inside of the structure. 

Bed Bugs

Some of these effects include: Allergic reactions to their bites, which can be severe.

Rodent Control

Infections, parasites, and cancer are some of the most common types of diseases and disorders in rats.

Wasp Removal

The venom from a wasp sting contains several toxins that can cause a hypersensitive or allergic reaction in some people.


Cockroaches are considered to be dangerous as an allergen source and asthma trigger.


Poisonous and can be deadly to humans. They also reproduce quickly.

Pre-Construction Treatments

Without these treatments you could be left with a costly bill should there be any infestations.

Bee Removal

People can have deadly allergies and the sting can be very painful.


When silverfish infest, they damage items by feeding on them. They eat anything


Psittacosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci, carried by birds. Humans most commonly catch the disease by inhaling dust containing feathers, secretions and droppings from infected birds.


In addition to causing property damage, ants can also pose several health risks for people and pets

Plus more!

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