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What is a pre-construction termite treatment?

A termite treatment is an application of insecticide and sometimes other chemicals, which is used to kill or repel active colonies of termites before construction or major additions.

A pre-construction termite treatments will be more thorough than post constructed because there is more time for inspection and performing the treatments. The pre-construction termite treatment will also be more rapid and efficient than the post constructed treatment.

Using Physical Barriers To Stop Them From Entering The Building

All our treatments come With certificates and reports for certifiers to meet Australian standards.

Termite Membranes

These are a good option for homes that are high off the ground and can’t be easily reached. The membranes can be made of fabric and polypropylene. They sit above the ground, providing an extra layer between the foundation and grass/plantings/vegetation.

Perfect for complex building structures with multiple stories and concrete floors

Steel Barriers

Perfect for general households

These are installed around the base of a building’s foundation to prevent termites from gaining entry via drains, pipes or other gaps in the wall’s surface. Spikes or rods made from steel or copper installed vertically into concrete where walls meet the ground are also effective in blocking potential termite entryways.

Termite Foam and Sealants

These sealants are sometimes used as part of a termite barrier. They are applied where the foundation meets the ground, and also underneath flooring, wall and roofing materials to create a seal between the termite barrier and the home’s structure.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical termite treatments are used in the process of making a barrier to protect against termites. They are applied to the surface of a building before construction. These chemicals can then prevent termites from entering and causing structural damage by eating through wood.

All termite treatment comes with a 7 year guarantee of no further re-infestation/protection.

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