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The Pest Controllers Number 1 Target is Termites. What are Termites?

Termites and Other Pest Problems in Sydney are a given but we can help. We are an expert Sydney termite pest control service. . So, what are termites then…

White Ants are what Termites are commonly referred as in Australia. They are an insect and descended from a cockroach like ancestor.

Over 100 million dollars of damage is caused by termites to Australian property each year. With over 350 difference species of termites living within Australia there is a real risk to your property if termites are not addressed.

3 Facts about Termites

  1.  Ecologically speaking termites are a beneficial insects, however they are a serious issue for home and property owners.
  2. The worker and soldier termites are almost always blind.
  3. Termite soldiers will tap warning signals to the colony when they detect a threat.

Pest Controller Targets Number 2 to Number 30 in Sydney

We can treat, eliminate, eradicate major pests from your Sydney property. One call to treat them all.   Phone, SMS or email for an over the phone quote or for an on site treatment.

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Did you know that 1 in 3 homes in NSW have have termites on the property?

Get to know us at Certified Pest Management. Pest Control for Peace of Mind.

We know what to do about these pesky infestations in your home, and use our extensive experience to provide the best outcome.

The founder of Certified Pest Management, Essa Houri, wanted to make it easier for people to deal with this nightmare — that’s when he laid the foundation of this company.

Based in Sydney, Australia, our team consists of industry experts who know how to detect termite activity, treat existing infestations and prevent termites from doing further damage. With over 10+ years of experience and ongoing professional training, if you are worried about possible termite issues, then a conversation with is the best first step to getting on top of any possible concerns.

Friendly, Reliable, Professional and Quality Termite Management Services in Sydney.

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