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What are Termites?

Termites are an insect that have descended from a cockroach-like ancestor. Termites that are commonly referred to as “White Ants” in Australia, but they are not ants.

Over 100 million dollars of damage is caused by termites to Australian property each year. With over 350 difference species of termites living within Australia there is a real risk to your property if termites are not addressed.

3 Facts about Termites

  1.  Ecologically speaking termites are a beneficial insects, however they are a serious issue for home and property owners.
  2. The worker and soldier termites are almost always blind.
  3. Termite soldiers will tap warning signals to the colony when they detect a threat.

What Termites Can Do

Termites can eat any timber or wood inside your home which includes wooden floors and furniture. 1 in 5 houses have or have had a termite infestation and/or damage.

Termites are capable of eating 5 grams of wood every day and they don’t stop eating, consuming wood 24 hours a day.

The termite queen can live up to 25 years and is able to produce 1000 eggs per day. This means that they are able to produce 9,000,000 eggs from one queen and a single colony is able to destroy a home.  Killing the queen is crucial to stopping further termite damage to your home.

7 Signs Termites Are In Your Property

  1. Head banging, a quiet clicking sound coming from your walls.
  2. Flying termites, mostly seen at night ‘Swarmers’ or flying bugs can be a sign that you have termites.
  3. Ants or termites, ants can be confused with termites, look at the waist section as it is a lot thicker in a termite than that of an ant.
  4. Hollow sounding timber, termites will often consume wood from the inside out, when knocking or tapping in the area will often sound hollow or papery.
  5. Tight fitting doors or hard to open windows. This can be a sign of termites as the moisture termites produce when eating and tunnelling through a door and window frame can cause the wood to warp out of shape.
  6. Tunnels in the Wood, often difficult to see from the outside but if you see them in a piece of broken timber near or in your house it can be a sign that there may termites in the property.
  7. Termite droppings, one of the key signs of termites. In particular drywood termites the droppings are called frass. It has a dark powdery appearance and will be located around the infestation.
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Diana P from North Ryde, NSW

28 Feb 2022

Great responsive communications, no fuss and efficient work. Could see the generous use of the spray. Was late but still came out all the way. Still yet to see the effects as some cockroaches still out and about.

Frances M from Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW

23 Feb 2022

Thank you for your prompt attention. Your professionalism helped to ease my elderly mother’s concerns and she was very happy with your service.

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Did you know that 1 in 3 homes in NSW have have termites on the property?

Get to know us at Certified Pest Management.

We know what to do about these pesky infestations in your home, and use our extensive experience to provide the best outcome.

The founder of Certified Pest Management, Essa Houri, wanted to make it easier for people to deal with this nightmare — that’s when he laid the foundation of this company.

Based in Sydney, Australia, our team consists of industry experts who know how to detect termite activity, treat existing infestations and prevent termites from doing further damage. With over 10+ years of experience and ongoing professional training, if you are worried about possible termite issues, then a conversation with is the best first step to getting on top of any possible concerns.

Termite Inspections for Claremont Meadows

Certified Pest Management Sydney provide expert termite inspections so you don’t have to worry if your home is being eaten from the inside out.

  • Pre Purchase Termite Inspections
  • New Home Purchase Termite Inspections
  • Annual Termite Inspections
  • Rental Property Termite Inspections
  • Strata Property Termite Inspections
We have inspected homes across Sydney as well as in and around your suburb of Claremont Meadows. 

 Claremont Meadows and it’s surrounding Penrith council area is well known for termite infestations

We know what to look for and where to look with over 10 years of experience.  Our team know what to look for taking in local knowledge of Claremont Meadows and surrounding suburbs across Sydney.  We have the right equipment to detect termites if they are slowly digesting your Sydney property from the inside out.

Regular inspections can ensure that more series termite infestations are prevented. We recommend annual termite inspections as this will allow infestations to be detected and identify the best ways to minimise the risks.

The small investment in an inspection can save hundreds of thousands in damages and lost property value.  You get insurance to protect against damage to your home from storms, fire, etc but termite damage is generally not covered well in our experience, or at all.

An inspection is like getting insurance for this type of damage and with termites relentlessly popping up in new locations, it is well worth it.

Types of Inspections we provide:

  • Pre-purchase inspections when buying a new Claremont Meadows property. This report provides a visual assessment of the condition of a property that will locate existing defects or areas of concern.The subterranean termite activity and any signs of moisture issues will be assessed by our licensed professionals.
  • Pre-construction inspections and treatments, an important inspection to perform before the construction/slab has commenced.
  • Home and property termite inspection if you suspect your home has termites.

Termite Treatment for Claremont Meadows

At Certified Pest Management we use effective methods to ensure the fastest and most effective eradication of a termite infestation.

Baiting for Termites

Our team utilises a specialised baiting system that will eradicate any existing termites on the property.

The process involves placing termite tasty pieces of timber that are then placed through out the property.

Once we have located where the termites have infested we are then able to eradicate the infestation.

The baits are ensured to not be harmful to favourable insects, plants or humans, by not utilising any toxic compounds.

This method has been shown to work very well for complex buildings with multiple stories and concrete floors.

Friendly, Reliable, Professional and Quality Termite Management Services in Sydney.

Termite Barriers for Claremont Meadows

One of the best strategies of termite treatment is to keep termites away from the property in the first place. This is achieved by creating a barrier with a special repellent compound.

Barriers for Termites

By applying a chemical treatment around either a specific part or a full perimeter around the property we can create a barrier between the property and the termites.

The chemical barrier prevents the termites from being able to enter the property.

This barrier will then help to protect your property from further damage in the future.

This method is shown to be very effective for general households.

6 Termite Prevention Methods for Claremont Meadows Properties

The following six methods can help keep termites away:
  1. Drips, Leaks & Pipes By fixing any leaking pipes or inadequate draining will help prevent attracting termites, as they love moisture and wood.
  2. Shrubs & Garden Ensuring that your garden  beds are clear of building edges and small gaps left between bricks to enable water to drain out.This increases the distance termites will have to travel to enter the property.
  3. Keep Areas Clear Areas under the home should be kept clear as to not reduce ventilation and give pests such as termites an initial place to infest.
  4. Move Wood Ensuring that any wood that is stored outside is not in close contact with the ground and is not close to the home. 
  5.  Pre-Construction A pre-construction spray will ensure that there is a barrier from termites from the start of the construction process. 
  6. Regular Check-Ins By getting professional pest inspections on a regular basis will reduce your risk of a severe termite infestation as it will be able to be detected and treated as soon as possible.It is recommend to have an inspection at least once a year.

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